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I’m running to be your next Ward 11 Councillor because I want to work with you.

I chose to live in Ward 11 because it is an ideal place to raise my young family. I love the variety of neighbourhoods, businesses, parks and services, and of course the thread of Mill Creek Ravine connecting it all together. But most of all, what makes Ward 11 special to me is the people who live here.

I believe in people-first decision-making and that this is a city where everyday Edmontonians have the opportunity to shape its present and future.

As your City Councillor, I will listen to and learn from the rich experiences and wisdom of Edmontonians. Through our collective effort, we will make Ward 11 a more connected community that better serves the needs of all residents.

I look forward to getting to know you!



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    Vibrant Communities

    One of the reasons I love Ward 11 is the variety: mature neighbourhoods with single-family homes, newer developments full of young families, essential business and industrial zones, all joined together by Mill Creek. Ward 11 has it all, for all ages of Edmontonians

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    Economic Development

    We’re lucky to live in a city with a strong, growing local economy. It’s what has attracted so many of us here in the first place. For generations, people have been moving to Edmonton for the jobs, and putting down roots because they’ve fallen in love with the city. To ensure the continuing economic health of our city, we need to keep attracting new Edmontonians and giving them reasons to stay

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    Diversity & Inclusion

    Located on Treaty Six land, Edmonton has the second largest urban Indigenous population in Canada. Our communities have been shaped by our combined history and the unique experiences of our neighbours from around the world . I believe we should celebrate our broad ethnic and cultural diversity. Our multicultural history comes with a legacy of discrimination and the City needs to take a leadership role against racism

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    Healthy Environment

    Edmonton is a green city, quite literally. The North Saskatchewan River Valley system, including Ward 11’s Mill Creek Ravine, is the largest urban park in Canada. It’s essential to the character and health of our city, and we have a responsibility to maintain and protect it

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    Engagement & Transparency

    I believe the City needs to improve how it approaches public engagement to empower ordinary citizens. The City must prioritize engaging with citizens, experts, businesses, and community organizations. Often when talking to my neighbours in Ward 11, they tell me they feel ignored by City officials and don't think the City's engagement strategies give them a voice. This is no way to build a city

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    Annual Nagar Kirtan parade symbolic of cultural diversity in Edmonton

    Bright orange and yellow headscarves floated in the crowd. I was among the crowd who walked from one Gurdwara (Sikh temple) in Mill Woods to another, as part of the Nagar Kirtan parade on Sunday, May 21. The Sikh community of Edmonton and their friends came together to celebrate the spring festival of Vaisakhi and the birth of the Khalsa, the Sikh community.

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    Supervised injection sites part of the solution, but better community engagement needed

    This week, City Council voted in favour of opening a set of medically supervised injection sites. As a public health professional, I support this decision. Evidence shows supervised injection sites reduce the harms associated with drug use for both individuals and communities. However, I am concerned that this decision-making process is another example of how Edmonton’s community engagement system needs improvement.

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    EPCOR drainage transfer requires transparency

    Six thousand kilometres of storm, sanitary and combined drainage pipes; 240 stormwater management facilities; 85 pump stations; and a construction company specializing in tunneling. These basic yet critical drainage infrastructure and services help prevent flooding in our neighbourhoods by managing surface and sub-surface water. Though most of us don’t see all the work that goes into keeping our neighbourhoods safe and dry, it’s happening literally under our feet every day. And it’s essential to our safety. That’s why drainage has always been in the public domain and a City responsibility.

    In a close 7–6 vote on April 12, City Council approved the transfer of this responsibility to EPCOR by September 1.

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    Parkland is priceless - Quarters tower and river valley development

    Edmonton’s River Valley system is one of our greatest assets. When my husband and I moved to Edmonton, one of the first things that stood out to us was this continuous natural space, unparalleled in any other major city we had encountered. This ribbon of green is a treasure in our city, and I have dedicated my time to protecting it by serving as a board member of the North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society.

    And Zack and I aren’t alone in our love for the River Valley. I’ve held over a dozen living room listening parties with my Ward 11 neighbours in the last few months, and the River Valley has been mentioned over and over again as one Edmonton’s best features. The fresh air and ample green space is one of the things that people most appreciate about living here (Ward 11 residents have a special fondness for Mill Creek ravine, of course).

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