Connect. Engage. Transform.

Four and half years ago when my husband and I moved to Edmonton, this ad stuck with me:

“If you want to move to a city, move to Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal.

If you want to move to a city where you can have an impact, move to Edmonton.”

Since I’ve been in Edmonton, I am struck by how true this ad is: everyday Edmontonians have a voice in shaping our city.

As your city councillor, I will strive to hear every voice, work with you, and bring forward every lived experience in decision-making to not only build, but transform, Edmonton.

I believe in:

  • The value of building consensus through diverse lived experiences, that everyone has a voice regardless of our gender, beliefs, race, socioeconomic status, and occupation.
  • The power of people coming together, that the more connected we are to one another, the more engaged we will be with issues that matter, and the more we will arrive at solutions that benefit all.
  • Meaningful engagement, that only when everyone’s voice is heard, can we make better decisions that shape our city.

I have the experience and knowledge and, more importantly, the will to bring meaningful community engagement practices to city-building. Meaningful engagement creates a better Edmonton by:

  • Building stronger communities.
  • Efficiently allocating resources.
  • Providing greater economic, social, and cultural opportunities.

As your city councillor, I will see the bigger picture to make the right connections so that people can identify where they fit and how they can contribute. 

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    Parenthood and Politicking

    No one ever said it was going to be easy. Most responses I get when I tell people I’m running for City Council are:

    ‘You are nuts.’

    ‘This is probably not the right timing.’

    ‘How do you do it??’

    I never expected running a campaign to be easy, nor running against a seasoned incumbent with much greater name recognition. Nor campaigning with a 6-month old babe in tow, with another 7 months left until election day. Maybe I am a bit nuts, but the timing now is better than ever. It’s like having a baby: there is no such thing as the ideal time. It is an exciting time to be in Edmonton, to potentially work with a new Council on forward-thinking projects to impact our city. I have made a conscious choice to run for office during my maternity leave, which offers a chance to redefine what it means to balance work and life.

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