My name is Keren Tang and I live in Ward 11. I chose to live here because it is an ideal place to raise my young family—with diverse neighbourhoods, businesses, parks and services and of course with the Mill Creek Ravine connecting it all together.

Ward 11 is an incredible place that I’ve gotten to know well in this past year and a half. Many thanks to all the people who placed their confidence in me. I will do my very best to continue building relationships and to be a strong voice for everyone in the community.

The campaign we built together reflects the way I want City Council to function—fiscally responsible, transparent and accountable to voters, with relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

I believe our campaign is a testament to the type of city we live in, one with an engaged citizenry, one that is open-minded, inclusive, and energetic. I look forward to continuing to connect and engage with you throughout the next four years!


Platform for Ward 11. Read it.

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    A More Engaged Edmonton: Reflections and Thank You!

    Thank you to all of you volunteers and supporters who came out and covered the ground work, who voted, donated, and took lawn signs! I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible team. I am extremely proud of the outcome of the election and the campaign we ran. I can’t wait for the next municipal election in 2021!

    But before looking to what’s next, I want to take a moment to share some reflections on the past year and half.


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    Candidate Survey - Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton (PACE)

    The Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton (PACE) is canvassing all candidates in the 2017 Edmonton civic election to determine their views and positions of various arts and culture issues in our city. The responses I submitted to PACE are below, and will be available at: http://www.pacedmonton.com.


    1. Do you feel the city does enough to encourage and support an active arts sector?

    The vibrant arts and culture community in Edmonton is reflected in the “City of Festivals” title. The Edmonton Arts Council plays an important role in promoting local artists and their contribution to vibrant communities and the local economy, key pillars of my campaign platform. We need to continue to support these fundamental initiatives for the arts, which in turn build our pride in our city. We also need to consult with artists about what their needs are, and continue to value what they bring to our city.

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    Survey Responses

    Over the course of the campaign, I've filled out 26 surveys from a wide range of Edmonton organizations - as have most candidates. I commend the local organizations who take the time to get to know us candidates, and to share our thoughts with their networks. I've also learned a lot about some wonderful Edmonton organizations and initiatives. Please see the surveys and my responses listed below (surveys will be linked as the responses become available on the organizations' websites).

    Inclusion Alberta - Edmonton Region
    Edmonton Bicycle Commuters
    Edmonton Heritage Council
    Action on Smoking and Health
    Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation
    Soccer in YEG
    EPark Meters
    Pesticide Free Edmonton and Council of Canadians
    CBC Edmonton
    Edmonton and District Labour Council
    Edmonton Capital Club
    Healthy Yeg
    Radio Canada
    The Local Good
    Mill Woods Mosaic
    Edmonton Journal/Sun
    Edmonton Urban Agriculture Initiative
    Edmonton Social Planning Council
    Canadian Taxpayers Federation
    Edmonton Literacy Coalition
    Edmonton Public Library
    EFCL Community Leagues Survey




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    Financial Disclosure Statement for the Period Ending October 11, 2017


    I have released my second financial disclosure statement before election day. I have collected nearly $20,000 in campaign contributions from over 100 individuals as of October 11, 2017. 

    I am delivering on the pledge I made at my campaign launch in January 2017 to disclose all contributions over $100 in advance of election day. The current financial disclosure rules only require this to be done after the election is over. I released my first financial disclosure statement on September 18, 2017.

    In addition to disclosure reporting, I am only taking contributions from individuals and have pledged not to accept any donations from corporations or unions. I made a decision early on to ensure my campaign reflected the democratic values I believe in as a new citizen. I believe that campaigns should be driven by people, instead of by corporations and unions—that’s why I’ve taken a position of not taking big money in this election. That’s why our campaign is powered by volunteers.

    During the last municipal election, the vast majority of campaign funds for elected candidates came from corporations and unions. City Council has since called upon the provincial government to prohibit corporate and union donations in municipal elections.

    Keren Tang Financial Disclosure for the Period Ending October 11 2017 (PDF)

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