About Keren Tang

Alternatives – Français: Je m’appelle Keren Tang | 中文: 我是唐可人。

Keren Tang Brochure (PDF)


Hi, I’m Keren Tang. Let me tell you about myself. I’m a provincial civil servant and union member, and I’m running for a seat on City Council in Ward 11, where I live.

I’m running because I know that civic engagement is the bedrock of effective community- and city-building. For the past ten years, I’ve been connecting with people and building communities as a teacher, community organizer, health policy researcher, and public policy analyst. I believe that my professional and community experience give me a unique set of skills that would make me an effective and responsive Councillor for Ward 11.

I’m the President of the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition, which connects immigrant and ethnocultural communities with the city. I’ve also worked extensively with Indigenous communities across Canada, which has taught me how important it is that we have a meaningful truth and reconciliation process in Edmonton and beyond.

I believe that Edmonton can strike the appropriate balance between development and environmental preservation. I’m already working towards this goal by serving on the board of the North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society. 

During my Master’s research in health promotion, I studied how social and economic factors affect people's health and wellness. I hope to bring my experience in this field to City Council so Edmonton can build stronger and more resilient communities. I was one of the founding members of the Edmonton Bike Coalition, and I love mountain biking in the Kill Creek ravine with my family. As a public health professional, I'm passionate about injury prevention and promoting and living an active lifestyle. I know that a vibrant business community is a key component of a resilient city. I’m a member of VA Angels, a network of local investors that support Alberta companies. As Edmontonians, we need to strengthen the connections among entrepreneurs, investors, and community members to foster more partnerships and opportunities to make our city even greater.

It’s important for girls and women to have role models and mentors in positions of influence. I spent seven years working with the Girls Action Foundation, an organization that helps girls and young women become leaders in their community. I hope that by being elected to City Council, I can continue to play a part in encouraging women to get involved in local politics and their broader communities.

I’ve lived in several cities across North America, but I’ve made my home in Edmonton, with my husband and young daughter, because it is a city where everyday people can truly make a difference. I love this city, and I look forward to representing your interests and ideas on City Council.


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