What We Heard: Social Well-Being


In listening parties and on doorsteps, I've heard your visions for the social well-being of Edmontonians.

Your visions

You want Edmonton to be an inclusive and equitable city.

Your concerns

How are things living up to your visions? The way you see it, poverty and growing inequality create many social issues. Homelessness is still a key issue in Edmonton. Not everyone feels safe on public transit or in the river valley and Mill Creek ravine, especially women. There is limited affordable housing for low-income Edmontonians and for seniors.  Some of the most vulnerable in our city are undocumented workers, many of whom face domestic violence and human trafficking. You told me that you are concerned about long wait times in primary care clinics and emergency rooms. You want to see more supports for newcomers to learn English and find jobs. Some of these issues that affect our well-being are multi-jurisdictional and require advocacy to other orders of government to create change, or access funding.

How we'll build inclusive, equitable communities

The City is already working on this in a few ways. EndPovertyEdmonton provides a roadmap for a poverty-free Edmonton. Edmonton’s Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness was recently updated. The City’s First Place Program teams with banks and builders to develop townhouses that are accessible to first-time home-buyers. Abundant Communities Edmonton helps connect neighbours at a block level, contributing to neigbourhood pride, safety, leadership capacity, and a sense of belonging.

If elected as your Ward 11 Councillor, I will work together with you to build upon these existing programs, and continue to create more housing options and neighbourhood-based programs that can foster safe communities where everyone can live well. I will advocate to other levels of government on creative local partnerships, for example in supporting newcomer health.

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I have learned a lot from these conversations, but there are many more people who I haven’t yet heard from. In the coming weeks and months, I will be hosting more listening parties. If you would like to attend one, sign up for our email list to receive news about attending one. Or volunteer to host one. 

I will also be going door-to-door throughout Ward 11, and I look forward to meeting even more of my neighbours and continuing to learn about what matters most to you. I welcome your help if you would like to join my team by volunteering or donating.

If you see me or my campaign team in your neighbourhood, come and say hello. I’d love to meet you and discuss how we can work together to make Ward 11 a place you delight to live. 

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