What We Heard: Ward 11 Listening Parties


Over the past several months, I have hosted and attended a series of Listening Parties throughout Ward 11 to hear what matters to you about life in the Ward and in the city, from the state of sidewalks to the challenges of infill. I’ve gathered with you in your homes, in coffee shops, and in community centres. Through these gatherings, I have begun to hear your most pressing concerns and some of your ideas for how to make Ward 11 and Edmonton an even greater place to call home.

These gatherings reflect a wide range of people, from youth to seniors, to young parents, families and members of ethnocultural communities. I am running for City Council so that Ward 11 residents and other folks in our city feel like they really do have a voice, that their concerns and ideas are being heard, and that their perspectives are valued.

As your Ward 11 Councillor, I will work with you as a facilitator.

I will work with you to bring your voices forward. I will bring a people-first engagement model to our city government. From your living rooms and community centres, to the Council Chambers—this is how I believe democracy should work.

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I've heard what's important to you

I’ve heard how passionate you are about Edmonton’s natural spaces and its festivals, and I couldn’t agree more with you about how lucky we are to have such a diverse population in Edmonton. You have told me that you are concerned about the accessibility and safety of public and active transportation options, challenges for small businesses, and appropriate housing options for people of all ages and income levels. 

With the help of my volunteer team, we’ve compiled the results. There are six key issues and concerns that mattered to you:

  1. Transit and transportation
  2. Jobs and economy
  3. Neighbourhood renewal
  4. Social well-being
  5. Fiscal sustainability
  6. Civic engagement

You have inspiring visions for the future of Ward 11 and Edmonton. I've heard from you that you want Edmonton to be...

...A city where people can move around with ease and safety, and in ways that are affordable to Edmontonians.

...A city that helps our small enterprises grow confidently.

...A city where both newcomers and long-time residents can find opportunities to thrive and prosper.

...A city that protects and maintains its natural environment while responding to the needs of a growing population.

...An inclusive and equitable city.

...A city that stewards the use of public resources to meet the unique and diverse needs of Edmontonians.

...A place where people participate actively and consistently in decisions that impact their lives.

...A city that works with other levels of government on creative local partnerships to meet the needs of Edmontonians.

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I have learned a lot from these conversations, but there are many more people who I haven’t yet heard from. In the coming weeks and months, I will be hosting more listening parties. If you would like to attend one, sign up for our email list to receive news about attending one. Or volunteer to host one. 

I will also be going door-to-door throughout Ward 11, and I look forward to meeting even more of my neighbours and continuing to learn about what matters most to you. I welcome your help if you would like to join my team by volunteering or donating.

If you see me or my campaign team in your neighbourhood, come and say hello. I’d love to meet you and discuss how we can work together to make Ward 11 a place you delight to live. 

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