Today is our day! Together we can transform Ward 11. Get your friends, your family and get out to vote.

You must vote between 9am - 8pm at the designated voting station for your area.

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Where To Vote Cards

Where to Vote cards have been delivered to all Edmonton homes by the beginning of October. These cards contain information on voter eligibility, how to find information on candidates running in your ward, advance vote opportunities, the location of the voting station assigned to your area and voting station accessibility. As voting stations are subject to change, it's best to check online immediately before voting to confirm the location of your voting station.

Get out the vote!

Thank you for your support! Please tell your friends and family that you know are Keren Tang supporters, and make sure they make it out to the polls today too. Let's make every vote count!

If you want to help get out the vote with other Keren Tang volunteers, call 587-974-7045. Thank you!