Vibrant Communities

One of the reasons I love Ward 11 is the variety: mature neighbourhoods with single-family homes, newer developments full of young families, essential business and industrial zones, all joined together by Mill Creek. Ward 11 has it all, for all ages of Edmontonians

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Economic Development

We’re lucky to live in a city with a strong, growing local economy. It’s what has attracted so many of us here in the first place. For generations, people have been moving to Edmonton for the jobs, and putting down roots because they’ve fallen in love with the city. To ensure the continuing economic health of our city, we need to keep attracting new Edmontonians and giving them reasons to stay

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Diversity & Inclusion

Located on Treaty Six land, Edmonton has the second largest urban Indigenous population in Canada. Our communities have been shaped by our combined history and the unique experiences of our neighbours from around the world . I believe we should celebrate our broad ethnic and cultural diversity. Our multicultural history comes with a legacy of discrimination and the City needs to take a leadership role against racism

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Healthy Environment

Edmonton is a green city, quite literally. The North Saskatchewan River Valley system, including Ward 11’s Mill Creek Ravine, is the largest urban park in Canada. It’s essential to the character and health of our city, and we have a responsibility to maintain and protect it

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Engagement & Transparency

I believe the City needs to improve how it approaches public engagement to empower ordinary citizens. The City must prioritize engaging with citizens, experts, businesses, and community organizations. Often when talking to my neighbours in Ward 11, they tell me they feel ignored by City officials and don't think the City's engagement strategies give them a voice. This is no way to build a city

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Creating a vision for Ward 11 and the City

One major change is the Valley Line LRT, which will be completed by 2020.  It will change the landscape of Ward 11, connecting our mature neighborhoods, Mill Woods, the business districts of our ward, and the greater city.

In preparation for this coming transportation corridor, Ward 11 residents have a wonderful opportunity to come together and voice ideas for neighbourhood revitalization, community development, and stronger social connections. This vision should come from community members.  The next City Council will be tasked with renewing the City’s strategic plan. Through active engagement, we can work together in Ward 11 to ensure our vision is reflected in that of our City.

As a member of City Council, I will listen to and learn from the rich experiences and wisdom of Edmontonians. I know we can express our vision in a way that will ensure Ward 11 remains a place people delight to call home.

Through our collective effort, we will make Ward 11 a more connected community that better serves the needs of all residents.