September 19, 2017
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Media Release Sept.19 2017

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September 19, 2017

Keren Tang Delivers on Commitment to Run Campaign Solely on Individual Donations, Raises $17,476

Edmonton, AB - Keren Tang, City Council candidate for Ward 11, has released an interim financial disclosure statement for her election campaign. She has collected campaign contributions from individuals totalling $17,476 for the period ending September 18, 2017.  The financial disclosure statement is available at

Keren is delivering on the pledge she made at her campaign launch in January 2017 to disclose all contributions over $100 in advance of election day. The current financial disclosure rules only require this to be done after the election is over. Keren will release one more update before voters go to the polls on October 16.

In addition to disclosure reporting, Keren is only taking contributions from individuals and has pledged not to accept any donations from corporations or unions.

“Running a campaign solely on individual donations means my campaign is built on people power. It means that I need to work harder - and I think politicians should work hard to earn the financial and volunteer support of Edmontonians,” Keren says.

“This is already the standard for our provincial and federal elections, and Edmontonians expect and deserve no less from their municipal election candidates,” Keren says.

During the last municipal election, the vast majority of campaign funds for elected candidates came from corporations and unions. City Council has already called upon the provincial government to prohibit corporate and union donations in municipal elections.

“I challenge all candidates running for City Council to take this pledge with me: No corporate or union donations and publicly available reports of campaign contributions before election day. I believe these are two steps that anyone running for City Council should take to ensure that their campaign is transparent and accountable to the voters,” Keren says.


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