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Ward 11 Evolving Neighbourhoods & Infill

Rebuilding and replacing older homes, especially in the mature neighbourhoods in the Mill Creek area of Ward 11, is a necessary and natural process in the growth of any city. In places like my community of King Edward Park, many of the homes were built over 50 years ago and are nearing the end of their lifespan.


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An Inner City Wellness Plan should build upon and strengthen existing services and relationships

Homelessness is an issue that I hear a lot about at the doors in Ward 11, especially in the Mill Creek area. There are more homeless campsites in the Mill Creek ravine and river valley and people are camping out longer in the year. Issues of homelessness, poverty, and housing are not unique to the inner city. Because of these concerns, I spoke out about the proposed Inner City Wellness Plan at City Council’s Executive Committee on Tuesday, July 4. Here are my speaking points.


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Reconciliation and the Role of the City

On June 21, Summer Solstice, the first day of summer, and National Aboriginal Day, I took my daughter down to Victoria Park to participate in the celebration. I wanted her to experience her first Aboriginal Day, to listen to the drumming and bounce to the rhythm in the round dance. Among busloads of school children from all walks of life, we joined hands and set the record for the largest round dance in sync with other cities.

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Annual Nagar Kirtan parade symbolic of cultural diversity in Edmonton

Bright orange and yellow headscarves floated in the crowd. I was among the crowd who walked from one Gurdwara (Sikh temple) in Mill Woods to another, as part of the Nagar Kirtan parade on Sunday, May 21. The Sikh community of Edmonton and their friends came together to celebrate the spring festival of Vaisakhi and the birth of the Khalsa, the Sikh community.

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Transit and Active Transportation

Whenever I visit a major city—whether it’s Montreal, London, or my hometown of Chengdu, China—I notice the transit system. A robust, well-connected transit system always stands out because it makes such a big difference to your quality of life.  

Unfortunately, it feels like when it comes to public transit, Edmonton is always playing catch-up. We build houses and then we try to add a bus route or build an LRT line after the fact.

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Read more about my approach to engagement and transparency

I am often asked what motivated me to run for City Council. The answer is that there isn’t one specific policy or issue that makes me want to make my voice heard in City Hall.

Instead, what I want to see in Edmonton is a meaningful process that allows all our voices to be heard.

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