A fresh, people-first approach to campaign financing

I am a running a different kind of election campaign, one that reflects the values of a democratic, people-first campaign. This is why I am approaching campaign financing in a fresh new way.

We need to change the way we fund election campaigns in our city.  Elections should seek to connect with and engage as many individual Edmontonians as possible, for their voices are the ones that matter in community-building.

My election campaign is only taking contributions from individuals.  I pledge to not accept any donations from corporations or unions.


During the last municipal election, the vast majority of campaign funds for the elected candidates came from corporations and unions. I do not believe that corporations and unions have a place in funding election campaigns.

I further pledge to provide publicly available updates of all campaign contributions over $100 throughout the campaign. The current financial disclosure rules only require this to be done after the election is over.

I believe these are two steps that anyone running for City Council should take to ensure that their campaign is transparent and accountable to the voters. I challenge all candidates running for City Council to take this pledge and do the same.